Sitemap - 2021 - Tanay’s Newsletter

Crypto meets Consumer Finance

Music Ownership (Taylor's Version)

4 strategies for setting marketplace take rates

The evolution of SaaS companies

Understanding Nubank

Disrupting Google Search

The current state of web3

Freshworks and the Globalization of SaaS

Understanding the Instant-Delivery Phenomenon

The Netflix Game

Gitlab and All-Remote Companies

NFTs as financial assets, status, identity, community and fun

Beneficiaries of App Store Changes

Toast S-1 Thoughts

Understanding BNPL

A few more Q2 earnings musings

How Amazon Works

A few Q2 earnings musings

Streaming, COVID-19, and the Changing Theatrical Window

Customers as Owners

Duolingo and Consumer Subscription Businesses

Robinhood S-1 Teardown

Shopify Audiences

Customer-Based Valuation

Private Labels and Antitrust

FIGS and Successful DTC Companies

The True Addressable Market for Digital Advertising

Fintech and Regulatory Arbitrage

Marqeta S-1 teardown

Ximalaya and the Economy of Ears

Employee compensation and one-year equity grants

Programmatic SEO, the long tail and customer acquisition

The Democratization of IPOs

Coinbase and the cryptoeconomy

Startups and TAMs

Creators and diversified monetization

Narratives and hype in verticals

Passion Investing

The changing nature of investing

The rise of NFTs

Narratives, reflexivity, and markets

Advertising and signaling in the age of personalization

Robinhood: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Marketplaces and layering on advertising

Marketplace take rates factors

Hyperleveraged companies

SPACs and their consequences