Hey there! I’m Tanay. I’m an early-stage investor at Wing investing in AI application software and data/AI infrastructure. Previously, I was a product lead at Meta where I worked on the News Feed Ranking team and various ads teams.

This is where I post longer-form thoughts on technology and business every week or other week. I also post shorter form content on my Twitter.

What to Expect

While I don’t have a topic I focus the newsletter on and tend to write about whatever is interesting to me at that point in time, here are a few areas I’ve written about to give you a sense of what to expect if you choose to subscribe.

Building in AI

  1. Considerations for AI-native startups

  2. AI and the impact on Knowledge Work

  3. AI and the Decline of the Open Web

  4. Big Tech’s AI investments

Building Startups

  1. How Startups should think about TAM

  2. Why “What if GAFA builds this?” is silly

  3. Hyperleveraged companies and doing more with less

  4. Lessons from Bezos on Company building

Making Sense of Technology Markets

  1. Narratives, reflexivity, and public markets

  2. Private Equity and SaaS Valuation Floors

  3. The IPO pop explained

  4. Startups and Value Creation and Destruction

S-1 Breakdowns

  1. Lesson’s from ARM’s IPO

  2. Instacart S-1 Breakdown

  3. Klaviyo S-1 Breakdown

  4. Doordash and Profitable Food Delivery

Business Valuation

  1. Understanding stock-based compensation

  2. Making sense of revenue multiples

  3. The importance of forecasting through the lens of Zoom’s valuation

  4. The rise of intangible assets

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