Hi, where the financial results of Stripe taken from?

I looked at Stripe's annual letter and it doesn't contain financial information such as new revenue, EBITDA, etc, it only reveals Stripe's annual Total Payment Volume

It also make sense as Stripe is a privately held company and isn't obligated to publish its financial results

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Interesting to see these businesses compared. The take-away for merchants is probably to use Adyen (if they'll have you) once your volumes get high enough, and increase their profitability per transaction.

The question is how many businesses convert from low volume to high volume every year, and how many of them jump from Stripe to Adyen for cost or service reasons.

The service reasons could be technical reliability/availability, reliability and speed of settlement, or unique product features.

How do Stripe and Adyen compare on those for the low volume -> high volume transitioning businesses?

Stripe's extra services should provide stickiness despite all these things, but at what point doesn't that work when the merchant's CFO is hunting for more margin?

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