Thank You Apple

Yesterday, while walking home, I made a quick stop at the Apple store, spending a few minutes playing around with and admiring the new Macbook Pro Retina.

Once I got to my building, I reached into my left pocket to take out my house keys. I couldn’t feel them. My heart pounded. I reached into the right pocket. Still couldn’t feel them. I emptied my pockets, but they were nowhere to be seen. I immediately panicked, and in an effort to retrace my steps, ran towards the Apple store.

I walked in panting, and went over to the table where the MBR I was using was setup. My keys weren’t there. I gathered my breath and asked an employee if he had seen any keys lying on the table. He calmly directed me to the back of the store, and asked me to describe them. I did, and he unlocked a drawer, presumably the lost and found drawer, and handed me my keys back.

And that is why, I would like to thank Apple. For keeping my things safe, and returning them to me quickly and efficiently. I just asked one employee, and he managed to help me with what I needed. The experience was simple, painless and efficient. In many ways, it embodied the reasons for their success.

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