Quick Thoughts on the Opening Day of the Premier League

So after a long long wait for many a football fan, the new season of the Barclays Premier League finally got under way today. It might not have been as exciting and as full of goals as we would have hoped, but I for one am so glad its back. Here are some of my quick thoughts on today’s games:Review Android

  • Liverpool started well vs. Sunderland, but faded away in the second half. Still not a premier league winning side (incase some people thought of them as such) though I do see them competing for fourth place.

  • Suarez looked lively when on the pitch, however his penalty was horrible. I’m not too sure he’ll be taking too many more of them. Adam might fancy taking them if Kuyt and Gerrard aren’t on the pitch.

  • Carroll had a nightmare. Wes Brown had him completely under wraps. I think the joke making rounds on twitter pretty much sums it up:¬†[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/dannymccrorie/status/102476562242355200″]

  • Adam looked sharp. A great free kick for the goal, and had a couple of good attempts on goal. Did also pick up a yellow card. Some things never change I guess.

  • Larsson’s goal was superb. A great bit of business by Sunderland to snap him up for free. I thought Sess√®gnon had a decent game too, threatening on occasion though lacking that final shot or pass.

  • Disastrous start to the season for QPR. 4-0 loss at home with a player injured and another sent off. They started the game brightly, but fell apart after Cahill’s goal, which was wonderful I must add. Bolton did look really good in the second half, though I don’t see them having an easy time as this again soon. Anyhow, congrats to Bolton I guess, who are at the top of the league at the moment. I worry for QPR. Although it is only (very) early doors, they look like prime candidates for the drop.

  • A great win for away win for Wolves over Blackburn. Jarvis had a good game, and Ward’s goal was well taken. Salgado had a terrible game in my opinion – was slightly at fault for the first goal, and gave away the penalty which eventually led to the second. Didn’t see much of Rover’s new signings so don’t know what to make of them yet, though Formica got his Rovers career to a good start with a well taken goal.

  • A disappointing game at St. James Park. I expected there to be plenty of goals like the corresponding fixture last season, but I was terribly wrong. Not too many chances either way, and both sides seemed to have settled for a 0-0 from the get go.

  • Joey Barton. Where do I start? I was quite impressed (and surprised) by his non violent reaction to getting stamped by Song, which should have resulted in the Cameroonian being sent off. However, he made up for it by getting involved with Gervinho, which ultimately resulted in Gervinho slapping(tapping?) him and getting sent off. Barton did overreact (dive even..) to the slap in my book, but I guess Gervinho was rightly sent off considering the rules of the game. I quite like that Barton has been explaining his actions on twitter. Here’s his reason for getting involved: [blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/Joey7Barton/status/102473811689082881″]

  • Finally, Arsenal. They need to strengthen. With Fabregas and Nasri leaving, they desperately need to sign a midfield player. I’d add a goalkeeper and defender too while they are at it. And a forward too probably. A sizable chunk of the combined sixty million pounds they get for Fabregas and Nasri really should be spent on strengthening the squad. My guess is that they are going to have a difficult time staying in the top four this season, probably facing a challenge from Liverpool and Spurs for that spot. Wenger has had a wonderful time at Arsenal, but how long before Arsenal fans get fed up with the ‘We’ll be a year older next year’ routine.

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