Onthefly is a web app I made in a team of four at the GreyLock Hackfest at Dropbox HQ in Summer 2012.

Onthefly creates an music videoesque image slideshow of songs on the fly, displaying images that depict the lyrics and matching them up timewise.

The challenge in this was two-fold:

  1. Matching the lyrics to correct times in the song
  2. Finding the keywords from each line in the song

For the first challenge, since almost all lyric API’s just have the lyrics and not the times in which they appear, we had to essentially create our own lyric API using a kinda sketch Chinese website we found that had some song lyrics with timestamps.

To solve the second one, we used natural language processing to find the keywords from each line in the song.

I worked on the front end of the app and wrote the lyrics api by querying and parsing the aforementioned sketchy chinese website.